cranky yet cracking!!!

cranky yet cracking!!!

1. Want freedom from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
2. Want something to rest your palm while you come up with the next words?
3. Want buttons to go forward in the future or correct something in the past?
4. Maybe just being weird is up your alley?
5. Want to beat those high scores on those typing games?
6. or just have a big space to be filled on your desk?

Microsoft Ergo 4000 has got you covered in all this and many more...

Q. What in the name of all that's holy is this?

A. Yes, This is the first question one might have when looking at this piece of sliced-up keyboard glued together by a 10-year-old.

even after looking like a result of a big desk quake that has shaken up a well-dressed keyboard-looking product from Microsoft makes for one of the greats when it comes to keyboards.

A short learning curve is rather overshadowed by the well-placed key position, with comfort and cushioning for your wrist for those long typing days, quick shortcut keys for the much needed and used tools such as Calculator, Volume up and down, along with many more with a key placed specifically to condition to your requirements.

This keyboard is further separated into those iconic two parts allowing you to polish your ASDFG-HJKL; skills and allowing you to type effortlessly with ease and with great keypress feedback considering this is a membrane keyboard.

The keys themselves are designed into particular shapes according to their placement and requirements. The space is long and reaches both of your thumbs considering the keyboard requires you to keep your hands at a certain angle. This is among the many other quirks of this keyboard.

Apart from this, Ergo 4000 helps with one of the biggest health issues due to the prolonged use of technology. In the case of keyboards, the use of the keyboard asks the user to rest their wrist on the table edge, This causes the median nerve to compress which may cause CPS(Carpal Tunnel Syndrom) who usually type for more than 28 hours a week. Ergo 4000 comes equipped with a pad below the keys on which you can rest your wrists and the angle of the wrist rest can also be elevated with an accessory that comes with the box. You can attach this part to the bottom of the keyboard causing it to be elevated for a more comfortable typing position.

While being on the pricier side in many markets where you have to import as Microsoft does not sell it directly in countries like India. Consider it to be a long-term investment.

Buy it - Learn it - Enjoy it.

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