JavaScript Frameworks to go for in 2023?!!!

JavaScript Frameworks to go for in 2023?!!!

When you take something as vast and as big as Javascript frameworks to learn from you may get spoiled with the available choices.

There are over 83 frameworks made on JavaScript till now and many are being built to answer the current questions that the current one can't provide you. Choosing out of this list of choices the best suited to you and your requirements changes as you explore them. Here in this series of blogs, we will be talking about the most popular and used frameworks that are in the current trends of 2023.

We will be covering the frameworks mentioned below in this blog,

  • React.js

  • Vue.js

  • Angular

  • Next.js

  • Preact

  • Svelte

  • Gatsby

  • etc...


"Arguably the best thing to come from the Facebook ( my bad, now known as "META") office in a while." ~ the guy writing this blog

React has many things to boast about when it comes to being popular among its peers. Among many, some are mentioned below for a short preview,

  1. Components - to build those amazing UIs react approaches the problem statement with a component-based method which allows it to be more easily manageable and allows one to update them individually if and when needed.

  2. Virtual DOM - The minds at meta decided that react will use a virtual DOM that updates and renders with great optimization allowing it to perform much faster as compared to others.

  3. Reusability - As react uses a component-based approach, it can be easily reused across multiple pages and even through multiple projects as well. Taking out the need to start from the start in many cases.

  4. Community - The community Using, Updating, learning, and developing with and in React is quite large now in 2023, allowing one to get familiar with and learn from it easily. New things like plugins and tools are constantly being developed in React to keep it up to date.

  5. Apart from mentioned above, there are other aspects such as Integration, JSX, Ease of learning, Performance, ETC. allows it to keep its popularity and grow along the way.


Simple. Flexible. Fast.

From the great mind of Evan you , came a simple, lightweight and fast framework named Vue.js. of which some of the perks are mentioned below.

  1. Simple - Vue is known for its simplicity as it is easier to learn and work on for the fresher to javascript and its frameworks.

  2. Speed - Vue is fast and lightweight, and similar to react A VIrtual DOM allows it to optimize updates and renders. It is widely in performance-critical Apps.

  3. Community - Rather than being backed by some big names, Vue is rather backed by an open-source community that is constantly upgrading itself and the frameworks as well to newer levels. It makes it easier to acknowledge the current trends and the changes in the stream.

  4. Documentation - Rather than running away from documenting the updates like a developer, Vue has well-written and detailed documentation to back it up and make it easier to learn its Concepts and patterns.

  5. Size - Vue.js is lightweight as mentioned above which allows the application written in it to be small and compact which allows it to load and perform faster.


Build Powerful, Scalable web apps with ease.

Another entry from the popular frameworks of JavaScript, Angular is widely used to build complex and feature-rich apps.

  1. Two-Way Data Binding - Angular uses a two-way data binding system, which allows to auto-update of the UI when the underlying data model changes, this in turn allows for efficient maintenance of the code in large and complex apps.

  2. Testing - As it's designed with testing in mind, and it includes a range of testing tools and libraries allowing an easier-to-test application throughout the development phase.

  3. Community - With a Large and active community, making sure to keep the angular up-to-date with the latest development trends.

  4. Scalability - It is designed to be scalable, As mentioned above it includes Two-way Dara Binding along with Modularity makes it to be a great framework to build large and complex apps.

  5. Made and Maintained by GOOGLE -Google spells out to be well supported for angular. A strong development team that is committed to improving day by day.


Next.js - Server-side rendering made simpler...

Next.js is a framework based on React.js made specifically to solve the SSR of React.

Along with solving the SSR issues it also has its perks for making a name for itself.

  1. It Generates optimizes and statically pre-rendered pages for faster page loads and better SEO.

  2. It Splits the code for faster loading, so users only have to download the code they need for that specific page.

  3. Easy Routing - Next.js Provides a simple and intuitive API for routing that makes it easy to build complex and scalable web applications.

  4. Built-in Security - It has built-in security features such as automatic XSS protection and CSP header support.

  5. Deployment - It has a seamless deployment option, whether you choose to host your application on a cloud platform like Vercel or Heroku or run it on your Infrastructure.

Even though there are only 4 frameworks there are many to explore and many yet to come. on which we will be talking in the upcoming blogs...

Explore it. Learn it. Build in it.

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